Is legit?

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Is legit? is one of the biggest TF2 trading sites, but can it be trusted? Who is the owner of STN and how does the site work?

What is STN?

STN is an automated trading site for TF2 and CS:GO items. It works the same way as Scrap.TF and other trading sites. You the user can either sell your own item(s) for Refined Metal or Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys, or you can buy the sites’ item(s) for Refined Metal, Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys or other items. The site supports also items like Unusuals, Stranges, Killstreak items, Vintages, Genuines and Skins. When you select an item you want to buy or sell, a trading bot will send you a Steam trade offer. You need to accept this offer for the trade to go through, and the exchange of the items to take place. If the offer you have received is wrong or you have changed your mind, you can decline the trade.

Who owns STN?

STN stands for Spyfly’s Trading Network, and the owner is the german “Spyfly”. You can find his Steam profile here. The site is also maintained by decontamin4t0R and Lexidor. It was launched back in 2015, and was promoted heavily by PyroJoe and SpikeyMikey through their YouTube channels.

Is legit?

Yes. or is a legit trading site. It has been running for 5 years as of writing this, and getting scammed by this site is unlikely, since there’s always* items on both sides. Like any other Steam-related site, this one is also targeted by scammers. The only way you can get scammed “through this site” is if you have logged into a fake Steam site which have stolen your username, password and 2FA code. They could then have obtained your API key and can decline incoming real offers, copy these (but so only your items are in the offer) and then hope for you to accept this scam trade on your phone.

Always* – not if you are donating to the site.