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jessecar profile picture
Jesse’s GitHub profile picture.

Who’s Jesse?

Jesse, also known as jessecar96 or just jessecar, or his real name Jesse Cardone is the co-creator of Scrap.TF and Marketplace.TF, together with Geel. Jesse have also made,, SteamBot and the Steam Desktop Authenticator. You can find his projects and other works here.


  • July 2012 – Jesse created SteamBot
  • August 2012 – Scrap.TF launched
  • October 2013 – launced
  • January 2014 – Rep.TF launched
  • February 2014 – launhced
  • November 2015 – Steam Desktop Authenticator was created
  • June 2017 – was bought by Jesse and Geel, and became co-owners.


Jesse’s Steam can be found here. He has a Steam level of 234 and owns over 340 games. Jesse have been on Steam since 30th June 2009 (10 years) and he’s the administrator of the Scrap.TF, Marketplace.TF and Steam groups. You can also find his Steam through Discord. Jesse is marked as “Owner” on these Discord servers: Scrap.TF, and Marketplace.TF, and marked as trusted on SteamREP.


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