TF2 How to Get an Unusual Hat

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Have you always wanted to have a TF2 unusual hat? Just to play with or flex on your friends with? In this guide you will learn how to acquire your very first unusual hat or the 185th, using the cheapest method without scamming or sharking anyone!

You only need 75 refined!

To get your TF2 unusual you only need 75 Refined Metal or even less if you’ve never used the ‘getawhale’ discount code on!

As of writing this 75 refined metal is approximately 1.42 keys which would be around $3 on the Steam Community Market.

To use this method you need a Steam account which you can trade with, a mobile number and 75 refined or 1349 craftable weapons.

What do I need to do?

First you need to sign into and become a seller. When you have been accepted and can finally sell your items, go and turn your Refined Metal into Craftable Weapons using’s Autobuy feature. You will need ~1349 craftable weapons which is equivalent to 75 refined metal.

Why exactly 1349 craftable weapons you may ask, well this is because as of writing this, the cheapest TF2 unusual hat on is only $13.49. These weapons you’ve just bought weapons should be listed on for $0.01 each. takes a 10% fee when selling, but this is only when the item is over $0.05 so you will not lose a single penny to Geel or Jesse!

If you’ve not bought shelf space on you can only have 200 items listed at the same time, so you need to deposit multiple times. When you’ve sold all of your 1349 weapons you can finally buy your TF2 Unusual Hat. To find the cheapest one currently available you can click here or go to Browse > All Items > Set Quality to Unusual, and type to Hat > then sort by price.