TF2 How to Scrapbank

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In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about scrapbanking.

What is scrapbanking?

Scrapbanking is the process of buying craftable TF2 weapons and selling them for more than you paid for. Scrapbanking is the most know low-tier trading strategy. Most traders started with this trading method and has since worked their way up to expensive inventories. This process has been simplified by sites such as and which offers to sell craftable weapons or craft weps for short, for 0.05 ref. You would then go ahead and sell each weapon bought, for 0.11 ref, essentially doubling what you paid for the item.

Why should I scrapbank?

It’s a really simple and good trading strategy if you’re just starting off or want to learn how to trade. It’s also good to learn the basics of trading such as learning how to calculate metal needed for a trade. Scrapbanking will also help you to get more familiar with trading sites such as or

How do I get started?


To get started with scrapbanking in TF2 you need some tradeable weapons or metal. If you’ve never bought anything in the Mann Co. Store, your account is not premium which means that all item drops received in-game will be untradeable. To fix this you need to buy something in the Mann Co. Store, which should not cost more than a dollar, or you could receive the “Upgrade to Premium Gift” by another user. You could also be gifted craftable and tradeable weapons by another Steam user if they have TF2 premium.

When you have acquired a tradeable and craftable weapon you can go ahead and join a community server. Here you will advertise that you’re selling 1 craftable weapon for 1 Scrap Metal. When you’ve managed to sell your weapon you need to go to and click Trade > Weapons > Buy, select 2 weapons and checkout with your 1 Scrap Metal. You will now have 2 weapons which you will again try to sell for 1 Scrap Metal each. Repeat this method till you have ~ 2 Refined Metal (18 Scrap Metal). You should then have enough metal be able to switch from scrapbanking to other more profitable trading strategies.