TF2.Store – An Automated TF2 Trading Site by BBN

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What is

TF2 Store is a Team Fortress 2 trading site made by Black Bot Network or BBN for short. The site has a lot of features, it offers competitive pricing, daily giveaways, autopure and filter options and even a seller program.

How do i use

TF2 Store is quite an easy site to trade with and use. To start trading, go to, sign in trough Steam and enter your Steam Trade URL, in the popup shown above.

You can then use the site.

On the left side are your items, and on the right side are TF2 Store’s items. In the middle, you can see the amount which will be added to my balance after completing the trade. Beneath that, is the “Trade” button, which will initiate the trade, and give you a popup with the link to the Steam Trade Offer. Autopure is on by default, which will add in the correct amount of metal or keys for your item(s). If they don’t have enough or your items are worth more than theirs, then the difference will be added to your balance, which you can use to pay for subscriptions or any future service that might use the Store Point system.

What is the seller program?

Here you can see all the public user listings. These are item listings made by users, who want to sell their items for unusuals, items and or pure. You can list up to 5 items for free on TF2 Store, and if you want to list more, you can pay only a key a month to be able to list up to 150 items (the standard plan). With this plan, your items will also be featured on the main page and you will get priority support. If you want to list even more items, you could pay 3 keys a month (the ultra plan) and be able to list up to 500 items, plus all of the earlier listed features.

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