All TF2 Trading Bot Services – 2021 Paid and Free

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So you’ve come to that point that you want to automate your trading by using a TF2 trading bot. But which service should you choose and should you really pay for one? This guide will go in-depth and explain.

TF2 Mann vs. Machine

Paid Bot Services

Free Bots

What are the differences between paid and free?

Paid TF2 trading bots are typically easier to setup and have more features like undercutting, overcutting and sniping. This will essentially give you more trades which will again make you more profit. Free bots are trading bots that typically take more time to setup and might require a bit of troubleshooting. As of writing this, none of the free bots above support undercutting, overcutting or sniping. They do however all have a free autopricer provided by All of the free bots listed above, except the tf2-express trading bot, advertise on and have features like max stock which will stop buying X item when Y amount has been reached.

What should I choose?

In most cases you should choose a free bot like tf2-automatic or tf2autobot over a paid service, as the paid once will most likely eat up a big amount of your profit. However, if you have big enough inventory and really want to make some good profit you should go with a paid service as they tend to get a lot more trades.

What is required to run a free bot?

You need to have access to shared_secret and identity_secret for the account you’re going to run it on, which you can find more information about here. We would also recommend buying a VPS which is basically like a computer that runs 24/7 which will keep your TF2 trading bot online and running. You could also use a Raspberry Pi. If you can’t fulfill the requirements above, you might want to go with a paid bot service instead which have their own accounts. Here you could see how to setup tf2-automatic for example.