TF2 Unusuals & Every Effect In The Game

What is an Unusual?

An Unusual item is a rare item you can get by unboxing crates or cases in TF2. They are Team Fortress’ variant of CSGO’s knives. They’re marked with the tag “Unusual” and has ” ★ Unusual Effect” in their description.

How do I get an Unusual?

You could either unbox an Unusual by opening crates or cases in TF2, but the chance or odds of getting an Unusual is really low and you will most likely end up with nothing. Another way of getting an Unusual is either buying one through the Steam Community Market or – or by trading one.

What does an Unusual do, is there any advantage?

Unusuals does not have any advantages in-game and is solely just to show-off. Only difference between an Unusual and Unique item is that the Unusual has a special specified effect, which can be found by looking at it’s description. This effect can be minuscule like “Nuts’ and Bolts” or really noticeable like “Schorcing Flames”.

What is the most expensive Unusual?

The most expensive Unusual in TF2 is the Burning Flames Noh Mercy which were sold for $11,000 by Mistress.

What is the cheapest Unusual?

The cheapest Unusual in TF2 is the Fountain of Delight Taunt: The Trackman’s Touchdown, going for only 3 keys.

All Unusual Effects

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