TF2 What is Sharking?

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Have you ever heard the term ‘sharking’ in TF2 before and wondered what it means? Here is the explanation you need!

What is sharking?

Sharking is a term used when an experienced trader takes advantage of a not-so-experienced trader. The experienced trader can for example under-price the other trader’s items and make him/her believe their items are less worth than they actually are, giving the experienced trader a much better deal. Sharking is not considered scamming, but is still a scummy thing to do. Difference between a good deal and sharking would probably be that both parties participating in the trade, knows the prices of each item and is not getting fooled by anyone.

Who is sharking?

As touched on above, more experienced traders are usually the ones sharking. Well-known and trusted traders does typically shark, as they would lose trust, but you should still be aware. Sharkers could have anything from 0 to 14 years on Steam.

How do I avoid getting sharked?

To avoid getting sharked you should always check your items’ prices on and on other trading sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Some tips would be:

  • Don’t ask for advice or prices when trading with someone
  • Always check item prices on

If they seem stressed out or want to trade as fast as possible, they might be sharking you, just be aware. Never take their for it, check their items and prices, don’t get fooled or tricked into a bad deal.