Understanding Marketplace.tf’s Fees

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  • Post last modified:10th October 2020
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Understanding Marketplace.tf’s Fees

Why does Marketplace.tf have fees?

Marketplace.tf has fees to pay for the hassle of being a secure middleman for cash trades. This is to account for time, frauds, server hosting costs, domain costs, developers, moderators, community moderators, affiliates, payment fees, sponsorships and ads.

What’s Marketplace.tf’s seller fee?

The current seller fee/commission for any normal seller in the seller program, is currently 10%. This means that Marketplace.tf takes 10% of your item’s listed value (with some exceptions). If you list an item for $100.00 you will get 90% of the listed price, which is $90.00.

As a buyer, do I pay fees?

No, once you’ve deposited or sold item(s) and have balance, you do not pay any fee. The 10% is only for the seller of an item. There might be fees when adding balance through 3rd party payment processors like PayPal. If an item is listed for $10.00, you will pay $10.00 balance, and get the item. The seller however, will receive $9.00 for this item.

Are there withdraw fees?

No, when withdrawing balance/funds from Marketplace.tf to PayPal you do not lose anything to fees. These fees are paid by Marketplace.tf, so if you withdraw $10.00, you will receive $10.00 on PayPal.

How do I calculate how much I will get when selling an item?

If your item is worth/listed for more than $0.05, you will lose 10%. This is calculated by taking your item(s)’ value and multiplying it with 0.9.

Example: I’m going to sell my Mann Co. Supply Crate Key for $1.80. $1.80 * 0.90 = $1.62. I will receive $1.62 for my key. If I want to sell 2 keys, I would receive $3.24 in total ($1.62 * 2).

What if I’m selling my item for $0.05 or less? If you’re going to sell your item for $0.05 or less you will not lose anything to Marketplace.tf fees. This is because $0.05 * 0.90 = 0.045 which is rounded up to $0.05. This is because Marketplace.tf only uses 2 decimal places, cs.deals for example, does not. Same with any other item listed for less than $0.05, you will not lose anything to the seller commission.