What is a VAC ban?

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A VAC ban or Valve Anti Cheat ban is a game ban given by Valve’s automatic cheat detection system. It’s designed to instantly ban users who use cheats on VAC-secure servers.

What are VAC-Secure servers?

VAC-Secure servers are servers with VALVE Anti Cheat enabled. All official servers hosted by VALVE has this option enabled. Other server providers like Skial does also have VAC-Secure servers. This is because its not fun to play against cheaters. Servers that might have this setting disabled are HVH or other “non-serious” servers.

Is VAC-bans and game bans the same thing?

No. VAC-bans are automatically sent out by VALVE’s anti-cheat systems. This means if you play really well one game or two and get reported a lot you will not get a VAC ban. VAC detects only cheats and does not relay on reports sent out by other users. Game bans can be manually sent out or automatically. They are in most cases automatically sent out by using systems like CS:GO’s Overwatch. But you can also get game bans by being extremely toxic or by griefing.

What happens if I get VAC banned?

First of all you will not be able to play on VAC secure servers, and all items in your inventory will become untradeable. This ban will also be on full display on your Steam profile – even if you have a private one.

Example of a user being VAC and game banned.

How do I avoid getting banned?

  1. Don’t run, use or download any cheat even if you’re not going to use it in TF2 or CSGO.
  2. Behave like a normal person and don’t grief.
  3. Don’t run any shady program in the background while playing.

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