All TF2 Cashout Sites

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What are all the TF2 cashout sites and which one is the best one?

There are a total of 8 sites where you can sell your TF2 items for real life money. These sites include:

You can also buy items for cash from some of these sites.

Can I instantly sell my items for cash?

Yes, out of the sites listed above, is one of the cashout sites that offer instant payment for your TF2 Items. But be aware, the price rates on these sites are probably very low in comparison to other cashout sites like Marketplace.TF. You might get more money if you sell your items on Marketplace.TF or MannCo.Store for the highest “buy order” price!

What is the best TF2 cashout site?

As of writing this, Marketplace.TF is the most popular and trusted cashout site for TF2. They offer fraud protection and is made by the same people that has made the most popular TF2 trading site Scrap.TF. They’ve have been offering this service since 2013, and is the site with the most items and users.

Is TF2 cashout sites a scam?

No, the sites listed above are trusted sites that will give you your money, but watch out for fees! With that said though, Marketplace.TF is the most targeted site for scammers. How the scammers take abuse of this is if you’ve logged into a fake Steam website that steals your credentials. Since you most likely have Steam Authenticator they cannot send an offer to scammer’s bots directly so what they do is this: they wait for you to send an offer to a legit site like Marketplace.TF, since they have access to your account they will imminently (with a script) decline the incoming offer sent by a real Marketplace.TF bot. When they’ve done that, they will copy the real bot’s name and avatar, and copy the declined offer and send you one that looks exactly like the one that was declined, without you knowing. This way, if you accept the offer sent by the scammer’s script, and confirm this on your Steam Authenticator app you will lose your items selected in the offer.

How much money do I get for my TF2 items?

What you get for your TF2 items is all based on supply and demand. You can get a rough estimate by viewing your item on Marketplace.TF, but the amount you see is not what you will get! Marketplace.TF takes a 10% fee, so what you see on your item’s page you would need to multiply by 0.90 (90% in decimals).